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15th Jan 2017. Le Cygne aux Yeux Bleus with the Apostrophe Ensemble.


A second souvenir from our gig with The Apostrophe Ensemble last june at l'Institut Français d'Ecosse, this time Le Cygne aux Yeux Bleus with the full band!

11th Nov 16. Melody Cycle ♯2 with the Apostrophe Ensemble.

Remember that melody in Melody Cycle ♯1? Well the Apostrophe Ensemble (woodwind trio of flute, oboe and clarinet) will be "cycling" their way around it (musically) and creating a whole new piece at Edinburgh's Summerhall on the 9th december as part of the Anatomy ♯14 event, come and hear the results!

Facebook event

6th Oct 16. Paris-Brest? Paris-Edinburgh!

A couple of gigs coming up in Paris and Edinburgh in great company!

9th Nov - Stramash, Edinburgh (Channel 7A Live with The Micro Band) - Facebook event

20th Oct - Le Petit Balcon, Paris (Pop Exchange #8 with Popincourt) - Facebook event

29th August 2016. Nottingham + London.

A couple of gigs coming up in England in great company!

11th Sept - Nottingham, Jamcafé

(with Paul Mosley, a Folkwit Records Showcase) - Facebook event

12th Sept - London, The Betsey Trotwood

(with Paul Mosley and Jack Harris, hosted by The Lantern Society) - Facebook event

30th July 2016. Melody Cycle ♯1 with the Apostrophe Ensemble.


Little souvenir from our gig with the Apostrophe Ensemble, 12 of us on stage playing Melody Cycle, thanks to all involved!

26th May 2016. Jack and the Apostrophe Ensemble!


First extract "Le Cygne aux Yeux Bleus" from our Melody Cycle album launch on Edinburgh, 70s French disco anyone?

9th April 2016. French disco...


Here we go! Introducing our Melody Cycling Tour, with the 1st leg in March. Belgium, France and Scotland, no cycling whatsoever involved!

22nd Feb 2016. Melody Cycling is go!


Here we go! Melody Cycle is released today on WeWant2Wecord, Folkwit Records and Hot Puma Records, here there and everywhere. Here's a long list of musicians and friends who made it happen, thanks to them!


22nd Feb 2016. Melody Cycle is born!


15th March 2016 - Pop Exchange #6, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh, UK (with Miyagi and Angus Munro)

Facebook event



You can now pre-order Melody Cycle (CD/digital) from our three label partners Hot Puma Records (Begium), WeWant2Wecord (France) and Folkwit Records (UK). Official release date on the 22nd february and album release party in Edinburgh on the 15th March!


1st Feb 2016. Pre-order Melody Cycle, c'est possible.

11th Jan 2016. Melody Cycle ♯1, the popumentary.

Why did it take four years to complete Melody Cycle and other existential questions answered in the 1st popumentary of its kind.




4th Jan 2016. New album Melody Cycle out on 22nd Feb 16.

Four years in the making, our new album Melody Cycle will be released on the 22nd February on Hot Puma Records (Belgium), WeWant2Wecord (France) and Folkwit Records (UK).


© Artwork Craig Macfadyen

22nd Dec 2015. Tinderbox Fest gig in December.

I'm playing a Jack and the' acoustic set (pm) with some good friends on the 12th december at Assembly Roxy (Edinburgh) as part of Tinderbox Fest, the Tinderbox Orchestra's 5th year Anniversary Concert and Festival, do pop in!

Facebook event

2nd March 2015. New EP served on a plate!

And we're back! Our second EP extracted from our forthcoming album Melody Cycle is available on Bandcamp


Here's "The Duchess' Latest Whim", the 1st extract from our forthcoming Dinner at the Andersons' EP. Medieval harmonies anyone?

22nd Feb 2015. Jack and the's latest whim...

16th Feb 2015. New EP Dinner at the Andersons' on the way!

And we're back!

On the 2nd March we are releasing Dinner at the Andersons', a second EP extract from our forthcoming second album Melody Cycle.

To mark the occasion we're organising our biggest Pop Exchange night to date on the 24th March at Edinburgh's Sneaky Pete's with fellow bands How to Swim and Miyagi. Do pop in! Here's the Facebook event page.

4th Jan 2015. Highlights from our EP launch gig...

Thanks to everyone who came to our "Saharian Sands" EP launch gigs in Paris, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and careful about that disco sequence in the middle!

3rd Dec 14. Saharian Sands swept up your way!

We've just released a first EP extract from our forthcoming album Melody Cycle on Bandcamp, have a listen!


Here's "I think I'm dancing", the 1st extract from our forthcoming Saharian Sands EP. Kind of an ode to The Love Boat to be honest...

3rd Nov 14. I think I'm dancing...

24th Oct 2014. New EP and gigs in december!

On the 3rd Dec we're releasing our brand new Saharian sands EP on Bandcamp, the first extract from our forthcoming Melody cycle album. Join us in Paris, Edinburgh or Glasgow at one of our launch gigs!


27th Nov 2014, Pop In, Paris (solo) with Dan Korn


3rd Dec 2014: Release of Saharian sands EP on Bandcamp


7th Dec 2014, EP Launch (full band), Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

Pop Exchange #3 with Angus Munro

Facebook event


8th Dec 2014 (full band), Broadcast, Glasgow

Pop Exchange #4 with Angus Munro 

Facebook event


19th Oct 2014. Melody cycle is coming!

Action shot of Stuart Hamilton (Castlesound Studios) expertly mastering Jack and the's second album Melody cycle. Thanks Stuart! More news coming soon...


Sneaky Pete's in March.

We're back at Edinburgh's Sneaky Pete's on the 8th March, courtesy of the Dog Head Music Society...

... followed by a musical after-party at Nobles bar!


Sept 2013.

Red lighting, Red Stripe, red drums, red guitar... at the Wee Red Bar last august.

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